Ms Mealy has been closely watching our lines this term and announcing the much sought after ‘Line of the Week’ award each Friday. This week the awards were counted and the overall winner for this term, with 4 awards, was Second Class. Well done to everyone in Second Class¬† for their enthusiasm and commitment! They will be rewarded with a special prize on Thursday.

Here they are showing us how it’s done!



Snap, Crackle, Pop!

We melted chocolate first of all, over a bowl of hot water. Then we stirred in the Rice Krispies.

Once the chocolate was all stirred in well we spooned the mixture into buncases. We all got to have a go at making our own and it was great fun.

We got to add sprinkles to them next, if we wanted to, and then we left them to harden. We all had to help tidy up when we were finished


And finally……. we got to eat them!!! And they were REALLY nice and chocolaty.¬† Mmmm!