Play Area Development Update March 2018

The Play Area Development Committee has been meeting regularly and plans are well and truly underway for fundraising. We have consulted with a number of play development companies and other school and we have considered all of the wonderful suggestions given to us via the parent survey.  Our plan for Phase 1 is the addition of a Nature Trail (incl monkey bars, bridge, balance beams etc) along the edge of the main pitch area. Please note that this just Phase 1. We do plan to develop other play spaces in the school over the coming years. The estimated cost for the development of phase 1 is €15,000. We recently had a very generous donation of €700 from a family, who wishes to remain anonymous. We would like to sincerely thank them for their generosity.

Sample structure for Phase 1 of of the development.


The following fundraisers have been agreed and other ideas are currently being explored:

Split the Pot: This will be a voluntary weekly fundraiser. Envelopes will be sent home with each child and if you are interested in taking part you can pop €2 into the envelope and write you details on the front and return to the school before Friday each week. (Please note if you are not interested in taking part, please return the envelope anyway.) Money will be counted by members of the Parents Association every Friday morning. All envelopes will be placed in a drum and a live draw will take place on our school Facebook Page each Friday morning. The person whose envelope is drawn from the drum will win half of the total and the other half will be put towards the Play Area Development Fund. More details to follow soon.

Fundraising Letters: We are in the process of sending out a number of fundraising letters to small and large businesses in the Carlow area. All donations, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

Coin Collection: A large plastic bottle will be placed in the hall outside Kathleen’s office. Any family with small change (1c, 2c, 5c) which they are willing to donate, can pop it into the bottle. When it is full we will arrange for it to be counted.




November 2017


Dear Parents,

Towards the end of last year, Mr Threadgold, Ms Denieffe and two parents came together to discuss ideas for developing the Play Areas in our school.
Recent studies have shown that investing in children’s play is one of the many important things we can do to improve the health and wellbeing of the children in our school. Although children are playing outdoors less now, than they ever did before, most have access to a school playground where they can play outdoors on a regular basis. According to Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland; ‘with thoughtful design, these areas can play a significant role in improving children’s health and wellbeing. They can stimulate physical activity and encourage the development of important physical competencies. They can provide positive childhood experiences of being outdoors that we know increase the likelihood of being active outdoors in adult life. They can create an environment that meets children’s developmental needs to explore, create, collaborate, socialise and simply to ‘be’ – all which we know are important for their emotional health.’
With this in mind; we have begun initial investigations into what we would like/need for our school play areas, what other schools have in their play areas, what would be involved in getting the project off the ground, where we might get funding, what funding might be needed, etc.

At a recent meeting we decided that it was time to get some input from our students and you, their parents. All classes recently discussed this and the children had an opportunity to put their ideas on paper and there were some great suggestions! Now it’s your turn!

Please let us know what you think. Have you seen a school whose play areas/ school yard impressed you? If so, where was it? Have you a great idea for a fundraiser? Would you be prepared to volunteer your time? Do you have a specific area of expertise that could help us? Do you know of somebody or an organisation that could help us, even if they are not presently involved with the school. All suggestions and ideas will be very welcome and volunteers and/or donations would be really appreciated.

We have a lot to do and this project won’t happen overnight but we are excited about developing a fun, imaginative and well planned playground for the children in our school over the next few years.

Please fill out the form below and drop it in or email it back to us at your earliest convenience . (Please note you are not required to fill out every section!)

Kind regards,

Órfhlaith Mealy and Serena Denieffe

Play Area Development Survey 2017 PDF