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Vet and pet visit

‘Flippin Fun’ with pancakes!!

Electricity Projects

5th & 6th class are currently working on electricity projects and hope to display and demonstrate them during Engineers Week which runs from 24 February to 2 March. Watch this space for photos of the finished projects.

Floating and Sinking

We had great fun in second class today learning about floating and sinking. We had to predict whether a banana and an orange would float or sink when put in water. Max was the only one who got both predictions right. Well done Max!

Once we realised that they floated then we had to discover a way to get them to sink. We did lots of experimenting by trial and error!

And when we had done that we had to get them to float again! You SHOULD try this at home! It was great fun and we learned lots.

We also had to make a boat using plasticine and get it to float in the water. Once it was floating we added “Passengers” made from plastic paper clips. We managed to get eight passengers in our boat before it sank!

We learned all about the Titanic, built in Belfast in 1912. It sank, with a lot of passengers on board, just like our boat in the end. We really enjoyed our science class.


Making Toys

We read a story about a granny making toys for her grandson using things she was going to throw away, so we decided to give it a go and we had LOTS of fun!


It’s amazing what we were able to create. When everything was dry we got to play with what everyone else made.

Grandparents’ Day

Thanks to all of our grannies and grandads who were able to come to our prayer service for Grandparents’ Day.

Kelly did a great job reading a prayer during the prayer service.

We really liked bringing our grandparents to our classrooms afterwards to show them all the things we are learning and to introduce them to our friends.

We even got to have some nice treats in the hall when our grandparents were having a cup of tea!!!

Side by side or far apart, grandparents are always in our heart. Thanks for sharing our really special day.


Second class have had great fun learning all about metres and centimetres. First of all we had to measure with our fingertips. We discovered that the width of our finger is about a centimetre. Then we used our span, which is when you hold your arms out as far as possible. This is about a metre.

Then we got measuring lots of things. We had to do lots of estimating (good guessing) first.

Did you know that our classroom door is almost a metre wide and just over two metres high!

Half Day Closure 14th February

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There has been a major revision of Child Protection legislation and of the guidelines for schools in that context. In order to comply with the revised legislation, all schools have been directed by the Minister for Education to make changes to existing Child Protection Procedures. As a result, all schools are required to close for two half days during the current academic year to facilitate training for the whole staff.
The first of those days we plan to take on Wednesday, February 14th, when school will close at 12pm for all children. This will tie in well with the mid-term break which is on Thursday, February 15th, and Friday, February 16th and should minimise disruption. The second date has yet to be confirmed.
We regret any inconvenience that this may cause.
Yours sincerely,

Órfhlaith Mealy


La Breithlá Lara

Bhí a lán craic agus spóirt againn le déanaí ag ceiliúradh Breighlá Lara.  

Bhíomar ag foghlaim foclóir nua on Céim ar Chéim A as scéal Lá Breithe Lára

Bhí cáca, brioscaí, criospaí, sú oraíste agus milséain againn sa rang.

We rememberd the children who are 4, 5 and 6 in the class. They got a chance to blow the candles and make a wee wish. We sang our song ‘Cúig Bliana’ and said our poem ‘Mo lá Breithe’

We had great fun ag caint, ag ithe agus ag ól with our chairde sa rang. D’itheamar ár ndothain. Bhí ár mbolg lán le bia tar éis an bhféasta!!

The three little pigs

Our Aistear them the past 2 weeks has been homes. We have learned a lot from, rooms in the house, furniture belonging to each room, structural elements in the house, different types of houses both in Ireland and around the world. What a better way to explore houses only with the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. I was very surprised some children had never heard of the story so they were in for such a treat. There were gasps and giggles and faces of fear when the story was being read aloud, from the shy frightened pigs to the fearsome  and in the end silly Big Bad Wolf. We then decided as a class to create our own houses for the pigs. We used straw from Ms. Denieffes farm for the 1st house- straw house, stick for the 2nd house- house of sticks and red paper rectangles for our 3rd house- house of bricks. The children thoroughly enjoyed working together to create their houses. Next up were the pigs and wolf. We treated the pigs as jigsaw puzzles. The children had to cut and turn the pieces of fabric to fit the pigs and wolf. The children and I are very proud of their finished pieces. Its amazing what can be achieved with good team work!

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