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An ice cream treat

Thanks to Mr Threadgold, everyone enjoyed whipped ice cream on 27th June. There were shrieks of delight as Mr Whippy pulled into the school car park. Having patiently waited their turn, the children sat on the grass eating ice cream in glorious sunshine. It was a great way to end the school year! 

6th Class wheelchair sports

On the 29th of March, 6th Class took part in some wheelchair activities. Joanne Wall brought in some sporting wheelchairsWe played activities that included going in and out through cones and rolling a dice, the first team to get to 30 won. We worked in teams of 5 or 6. There were 5 teams, team 2 won the tournament!!! We all really enjoyed it. It gave us a great insight into what it is like to be in a wheelchair.

By Shane and Luke



Sixth class have chosen Morphcord as our Junior Entrepreneur enterprise product. Morphcord is a multi use cord. We have made keychains and bracelets.  They are available from sixth class and cost €3 or two for €5.  You can customise them with your name for €3 each. There is no discount for customised products.

Credit Union Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to Konrad, Pia, Aoibheann, Emma and Hazel who were prize winners in a recent poster competition run by Leighlinbridge Credit Union. They are pictured with Henry Roberts who presented them with their prizes. Emma also received a prize for winning at regional level.

6th Class Visit to Arboretum

On Thursday 15th December the 6th Class visited the Arboretum. The class arrived at 10 o’clock . There they met Rachel Doyle, the CEO of the Arboretum. Rachel told them all about her story and how she grew her business from a polytunnel in her back yard.  The highlight of her career was when she was president of the International Gardening Centre Association  (IGCA). At the end, the class were treated to a free hot chocolate. They also met the reindeers.Then they made their  way back to the school. What an exciting day out!






By James, Sam, Rory, Sebastian , Julia, Stas and Konrad

6th Class Dragons Den

On the 8th of December 6th class took part in a Dragons Den which was part of the J.E.P (Junior Entrepreneur Programme). Different groups proposed ideas for a class enterprise. Here are some of the ideas: Morph cord, Name meanings, Bath bombs, Dream catchers, Personalised diaries, Painted Rocks and bookmarks. The Dragons were Mr Threadgold, Mrs Byrne, Ms Lalor and Geraldine Brennan (Brennan’s shop). The Dragons loved the ideas but the one that stood out to them was Morph Cord. Morph Cord will go into production after Christmas.


By Shane, Lisa, Emer and Luke

The Crocus Project

Sixth class are taking part in The Crocus Project which is organised by Holocaust Education Trust Ireland. Ben made us a star shaped box to plant the crocuses which represents the Star of David. We planted over sixty bulbs to remember the Jewish children of the Holocaust which took place during the Second World War.

By Rose and Hazel img_1665



Visit from the victorious Carlow camogie team

On the 14th of September, the All Ireland champion camogie team visited our school.

img_0354 img_0356

By Aaron, Adam, Konrad, Julia, Pia and Aaran.


A visit from Dónal Nolan

October 3rd-8th was Space Week.

Dónal Nolan  visited our school on Thursday 6th October . Dónal works for a company called Moog. Here are some interesting facts which he told us:

E.S.A. is the European Space Agency. It launches the Ariane 5 rocket 6-8 times a year. This rocket brings 2 satellites into space.Satellites are used by TV channels, G.P.S, mobile phones, communications and weather. Ariane 5 is launched from French Guiana near the Equator  in South America. It is an unmanned rocket. Ariane 5 is powered by a vulcain engine. Moog which makes parts for the Vulcain engine.

The engine  is built with Inconel 718 which withstands high temperatures. It is assembled in Vernon in France.

The rocket  is fuelled by liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

The rocket is 54m high and weighs 800 tonnes.(about 400 cars)

When launched it reaches 3500kmph.

In 1996 an Ariane 5 rocket exploded on launch.

Parts of the rocket rained down on the nearby area.Dónal brought a piece of the rocket engine which had been found in a swamp.

There have been 74 accident free launches since then.

Each rocket costs about €100,000,000 and each satellite costs between €50,000,000 and €100,000,000.

The students found it very interesting.

img_0710 img_0711

Dónal with a model of the Ariane 5 rocket.


This piece was made by a 3D printer.


Joey holds a piece of the crashed rocket.

By Deborah, Daniel, Aisling, Aaran, Adam, Konrad, Julia, Pia and Aaron

The Digestive System – 5th Class


Here are some amazing facts we learned:

1.The breakdown of food in your body is called digestion.Your digestive system starts working before you take your fist bite of food and usually continues working for hours after you finished eating.

2. The oesophagus measures about 20 cm in length and it carries food from the back of your mouth to your stomach . When  food enters your oesophagus,it takes about three seconds for it to reach your stomach.

3. The lining of the stomach walls produces acids and juices called enzymes , which break down food and help to kill harmful bacteria .

4. The lining  of your stomach must produce a layer of mucus  (A type of fluid) every 2 weeks in order to protect itself from acids that break down food. Otherwise it would digest it self!!

5.Your small intestine measures about 4 cm in with and 5 meters in length! It continues breaking down the food mixture so that your body can absorb nutrients.

6. The large intestine measures about 1.5 metres long. Your large intestine contains millions of ‘friendly’ bacteria which helps with the digestion of nutrients.

By Aedan, Deborah, Stas, Aisling, Rachel and Adam

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