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Scoil Naomh Laisrian 2017/18

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The word pneumatics comes from the Greek word pneuma which means wind. Pneumatics uses trapped air to move things. Our challenge was to make a moving monster using pneumatics. We used syringes and plastic tubes to make the monster’s mouth go up and down. We made all different kinds of monsters, some were red, some were yellow, some were weird and some were cool. Here is a picture of us with our monsters. By Adam Bandyk and Frank Doran.


Making a Drawbot

On Friday the 27th of April we learned how to make a drawbot. First we watched a tutorial on how to make a drawbot. We used a cardboard cup, 3-4 markers, tape, blue tac, rubber, 2 batteries, 2 wires and a motor. First we taped the markers onto each side of the cup, then we taped the motor onto the top of the cup. Then put the rubber on the motor so it would vibrate. We used blue tac to stick the batteries onto the cup. After that we connected the wires up from the batteries to the motor. Then you get a page and put your drawbot on it and if the wires are connected properly it should start vibrating on the page making lines, circles etc. You can draw a face or design on the cup to make it look cool but this is entirely optional.  After that’s done you can have good fun with it.

By Jeremy Hla, Calum Kehoe, Frank Doran and Katie Brennan (6th class)


Science Fair

On Wednesday 21st March a Science Fair was held in the school hall. This gave students an opportunity to showcase and explain their science work to other classes in the school. The following activities were on show:

Junior Infants: Dancing Raisins; The Life Cycle of a Chick

Senior Infants: Floating and Sinking; Egg in Salt and Water

First Class: Egg in Water and Egg in Vinegar;The Life Cycle of the Frog

Second Class: Lemon Suds; Whistling Balloons; Dying Celery; Optical Illusions

3rd and 4th: Surface Tension; Making Hovercrafts

4th and 5th: Testing for Starch; Which drink contains most sugar?

5th and 6th: Electric Quizzes; Electricity Construction Projects

As you can see we had great fun while learning lots!

A Visit From a Scene of Crime Investigator

Garda Mark Bolger came in to our classroom. He talked about forensic science and crime scenes. There are only 30 scene of crime investigators  in Ireland and only 3 in the south east. He told us where to search for fingerprints and how to get them. The point of entry is one of the best places to look. He also said places that are shiny, such as a biscuit tin, are good for finding fingerprints , places such as walls are better for finding D.N.A. He said that there are 7 billion people in the world and every one of them have different fingerprints and each person has a different print on each finger. Every one has different D.N.A, even identical twins are different. Their D.N.A might be 95% the same but siblings might only be 50% the same. He told us ‘Every contact leaves clues’ he also explained that it takes 3 days to find out whose D.N.A it is. He told us he could tell us where we were sitting by our fibres . He got a girl up and printed her fingerprints. At the end he asked who would like to become a forensic scientist and the majority of the class wanted to!

by Emma and Kellie

Dance Fun

Last week we worked in groups to create dances. In each group there were 2-4 people.  In our group there were Jeremy, Adam, Brónagh and Ben. Jeremy mixed music together for us and we danced to ‘Watch  Me Whip’, ‘Wiggle, Wiggle’, ‘Macarena’ and ‘Swish Swish  Bish’.

Water Filters

We made a water filter in our science class . We were only allowed to use certain materials to make it . The materials we used were cotton wool, clean stones , dirty water,  a jar, coffee filter, sand  and a funnel. The aim was to have clean water at the end. It went extremely well and the water was very clean . Adam, Ben, Holly and Joey had great fun.


Electricity Projects

5th & 6th class are currently working on electricity projects and hope to display and demonstrate them during Engineers Week which runs from 24 February to 2 March. Watch this space for photos of the finished projects.

An ice cream treat

Thanks to Mr Threadgold, everyone enjoyed whipped ice cream on 27th June. There were shrieks of delight as Mr Whippy pulled into the school car park. Having patiently waited their turn, the children sat on the grass eating ice cream in glorious sunshine. It was a great way to end the school year! 

6th Class wheelchair sports

On the 29th of March, 6th Class took part in some wheelchair activities. Joanne Wall brought in some sporting wheelchairsWe played activities that included going in and out through cones and rolling a dice, the first team to get to 30 won. We worked in teams of 5 or 6. There were 5 teams, team 2 won the tournament!!! We all really enjoyed it. It gave us a great insight into what it is like to be in a wheelchair.

By Shane and Luke



Sixth class have chosen Morphcord as our Junior Entrepreneur enterprise product. Morphcord is a multi use cord. We have made keychains and bracelets.  They are available from sixth class and cost €3 or two for €5.  You can customise them with your name for €3 each. There is no discount for customised products.

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