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Scoil Naomh Laisrian 2017/18

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Summer Art

We had fun painting hot air balloons floating in a summer sky.



Planting Strawberries

We planted strawberries in the school garden. Eventually, we were able to pick the strawberries. We decided to make strawberry and ice-cream pavlova. This proved to be a great summer treat.



Our Project Work


The children worked diligently on a project of their choice. They enjoyed researching their projects and implementing word processing skills.






Making an Apple Tart





Painting a Mural



Making Easter Eggs


We made Easter eggs. We had to break the chocolate into smaller pieces. Then we had to melt the chocolate. Spoon the chocolate into the mould. Swirl around until the mould is coated using the back of a spoon. Place the mould in the fridge for ten minutes to allow the chocolate to set. Repeat the process to build up a good layer of chocolate in each mould. Remove the egg halves from each mould. We enjoyed decorating our eggs with yellow ribbon and chicks. All agreed making the eggs was fun but the real treat was taking them home to eat.



Working with 2-D shapes


We had fun working with 2-D shapes. We had to sort, describe, compare and name the shapes. Then we explored combining shapes to see what pictures we could produce. Check out our cars and busy streets.










Christmas cooking


We made biscuits for Christmas.


20151210_141148    20151210_141148

First we had to beat butter with icing sugar. Then we had to add in lemon peel.

20151210_141725    20151210_142005

Next we added the flour and salt. The mixture had to be worked into a dough.


20151216_141403    20151216_141517

20151216_141613    20151216_213501

On a floured surface we had to knead the mixture until it was smooth. We wrapped the dough in cling-film and left it in the fridge overnight. The next day we rolled out the dough and cut out biscuit shapes. They were baked in the oven for fifteen minutes until just slightly coloured.


20151217_132902    20151217_133500

20151217_133601    20151217_140903


20151217_133737     20151217_133855

20151217_133932     20151218_113502


20151221_115820      20151221_115830

20151221_115921      20151221_120104

The biscuits were coated with royal icing. We had fun cutting out Christmas trees, snowmen and stars from ready to roll coloured icing. Inevitably we had to sample the biscuits before taking them home.






We were also busy working on our Christmas art work.













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