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Floating and Sinking

We had great fun in second class today learning about floating and sinking. We had to predict whether a banana and an orange would float or sink when put in water. Max was the only one who got both predictions right. Well done Max!

Once we realised that they floated then we had to discover a way to get them to sink. We did lots of experimenting by trial and error!

And when we had done that we had to get them to float again! You SHOULD try this at home! It was great fun and we learned lots.

We also had to make a boat using plasticine and get it to float in the water. Once it was floating we added “Passengers” made from plastic paper clips. We managed to get eight passengers in our boat before it sank!

We learned all about the Titanic, built in Belfast in 1912. It sank, with a lot of passengers on board, just like our boat in the end. We really enjoyed our science class.


Making Toys

We read a story about a granny making toys for her grandson using things she was going to throw away, so we decided to give it a go and we had LOTS of fun!


It’s amazing what we were able to create. When everything was dry we got to play with what everyone else made.

Grandparents’ Day

Thanks to all of our grannies and grandads who were able to come to our prayer service for Grandparents’ Day.

Kelly did a great job reading a prayer during the prayer service.

We really liked bringing our grandparents to our classrooms afterwards to show them all the things we are learning and to introduce them to our friends.

We even got to have some nice treats in the hall when our grandparents were having a cup of tea!!!

Side by side or far apart, grandparents are always in our heart. Thanks for sharing our really special day.


Second class have had great fun learning all about metres and centimetres. First of all we had to measure with our fingertips. We discovered that the width of our finger is about a centimetre. Then we used our span, which is when you hold your arms out as far as possible. This is about a metre.

Then we got measuring lots of things. We had to do lots of estimating (good guessing) first.

Did you know that our classroom door is almost a metre wide and just over two metres high!

Grandparent’s Day

Thanks to all those who joined us for our prayer service to mark Catholic School’s Week and to celebrate Grandparent’s Day. We loved having our grandparents to visit and they loved having tea in our school!

Thanks for all the things they have taught us and for the time they spend listening to us and taking care of us.

We love spending time with our grandparents and our art showed this time spent with them.Close by, or far apart, our grandparents are always in our heart.

Secret Santa

 We had such fun in 4th class with our “Secret Santa” gift giving. We all put in huge effort and thought into what we got for each other and it was great fun watching everybody open their present. Every one was delighted with what they got. Well done everybody!

Measuring in 4th Class

We were busy measuring in our classroom and along our corridor today. We estimated distances first and then measured using a ruler, a metre stick, paper tape measures and a trundle wheel. 

20161205_115708         20161205_115601


We found out that our copy is 19.5 cm long. The height of our table is 65 cm. The length of our teacher’s table is 1.20 m or 120 cm. The length of our whiteboard is 2 m 36 cm. We can write this as 2.36 m or 236 cm. The distance from the door to the teacher’s table is 5 m and 5 cm or 5.05 m The width of our window is 1 m 18 cm and the height of our recycling bin is 26cm. The height of our door is 2m and 3 cm or 2.03 m

Out on the corridor we discovered that the distance from our classroom to the teacher’s toilet is 9 m and 50 cm or nine and a half metres. The distance from our classroom to Mrs. Roche’s room is 31 m.

We are going to do lots of measuring at home too including finding out our own height in metres and centimetres.

Making Bubbles

We mixed an acid (Vinegar) with a base (Sodium bicarbonate) and bubbles were made. This, we discovered, was carbon dioxide. We measured the height that the bubbles came up our bottle.

Group one added two spoons of the bread soda to the vinegar. Group two added four spoons. Group three added six spoons and group four added eight spoons.

We had to re-do our experiment because it turned out not to be a fair test, as some people put in heaped teaspoons of the base. We made it fairer by using a toothpick to level the teaspoons of bread soda.

We discovered that the more bread soda which was added the higher the bubbles of carbon dioxide came up our bottle. It was a fun experiment and we learned a lot about mixing acids and bases and about making our tests fair.

20161125_142832                     20161125_143153                20161125_145218                     20161125_143032


Our Witch Walk

Once again we had a fantastic day for our annual Witch Walk. We had so much fun dressing up and walking down through the village trying to scare people.

100_0988     100_0989   100_0993    20161025_100509

20161025_100502    20161025_10071520161025_100528    20161025_10053420161028_144113     20161025_1006320

Thanks to the Parents’ Committee for all the lovely treats after our walk. We really enjoyed them and our day.

20161028_144153             20161028_144339



                                Oíche Shamhna atá ann. Happy Hallowe’en everybody.

                                                                                 20161028_144133 100_0994

Space Week


Donal Nolan, Bronagh and Liadh’s Dad, came in to talk to us during Space week. He works for  a company called Moog. They make parts for the engine of the Ariane 5 rocket. This rocket brings  satellites into space. Satellites are used by TV channels, G.P.S, mobile phones, communications and for predicting the weather. The Ariane 5 is launched from French Guiana in South America. It is an unmanned rocket.

He showed us a lego man figure, made by Bronagh, to compare it to the size of the rocket. The rocket is massive! It must be really cool to have a job like his.

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