On Friday the 27th of April we learned how to make a drawbot. First we watched a tutorial on how to make a drawbot. We used a cardboard cup, 3-4 markers, tape, blue tac, rubber, 2 batteries, 2 wires and a motor. First we taped the markers onto each side of the cup, then we taped the motor onto the top of the cup. Then put the rubber on the motor so it would vibrate. We used blue tac to stick the batteries onto the cup. After that we connected the wires up from the batteries to the motor. Then you get a page and put your drawbot on it and if the wires are connected properly it should start vibrating on the page making lines, circles etc. You can draw a face or design on the cup to make it look cool but this is entirely optional.  After that’s done you can have good fun with it.

By Jeremy Hla, Calum Kehoe, Frank Doran and Katie Brennan (6th class)