On Wednesday 21st March a Science Fair was held in the school hall. This gave students an opportunity to showcase and explain their science work to other classes in the school. The following activities were on show:

Junior Infants: Dancing Raisins; The Life Cycle of a Chick

Senior Infants: Floating and Sinking; Egg in Salt and Water

First Class: Egg in Water and Egg in Vinegar;The Life Cycle of the Frog

Second Class: Lemon Suds; Whistling Balloons; Dying Celery; Optical Illusions

3rd and 4th: Surface Tension; Making Hovercrafts

4th and 5th: Testing for Starch; Which drink contains most sugar?

5th and 6th: Electric Quizzes; Electricity Construction Projects

As you can see we had great fun while learning lots!