Garda Mark Bolger came in to our classroom. He talked about forensic science and crime scenes. There are only 30 scene of crime investigators  in Ireland and only 3 in the south east. He told us where to search for fingerprints and how to get them. The point of entry is one of the best places to look. He also said places that are shiny, such as a biscuit tin, are good for finding fingerprints , places such as walls are better for finding D.N.A. He said that there are 7 billion people in the world and every one of them have different fingerprints and each person has a different print on each finger. Every one has different D.N.A, even identical twins are different. Their D.N.A might be 95% the same but siblings might only be 50% the same. He told us ‘Every contact leaves clues’ he also explained that it takes 3 days to find out whose D.N.A it is. He told us he could tell us where we were sitting by our fibres . He got a girl up and printed her fingerprints. At the end he asked who would like to become a forensic scientist and the majority of the class wanted to!

by Emma and Kellie