We had great fun in second class today learning about floating and sinking. We had to predict whether a banana and an orange would float or sink when put in water. Max was the only one who got both predictions right. Well done Max!

Once we realised that they floated then we had to discover a way to get them to sink. We did lots of experimenting by trial and error!

And when we had done that we had to get them to float again! You SHOULD try this at home! It was great fun and we learned lots.

We also had to make a boat using plasticine and get it to float in the water. Once it was floating we added “Passengers” made from plastic paper clips. We managed to get eight passengers in our boat before it sank!

We learned all about the Titanic, built in Belfast in 1912. It sank, with a lot of passengers on board, just like our boat in the end. We really enjoyed our science class.