Our Aistear them the past 2 weeks has been homes. We have learned a lot from, rooms in the house, furniture belonging to each room, structural elements in the house, different types of houses both in Ireland and around the world. What a better way to explore houses only with the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. I was very surprised some children had never heard of the story so they were in for such a treat. There were gasps and giggles and faces of fear when the story was being read aloud, from the shy frightened pigs to the fearsome¬† and in the end silly Big Bad Wolf. We then decided as a class to create our own houses for the pigs. We used straw from Ms. Denieffes farm for the 1st house- straw house, stick for the 2nd house- house of sticks and red paper rectangles for our 3rd house- house of bricks. The children thoroughly enjoyed working together to create their houses. Next up were the pigs and wolf. We treated the pigs as jigsaw puzzles. The children had to cut and turn the pieces of fabric to fit the pigs and wolf. The children and I are very proud of their finished pieces. Its amazing what can be achieved with good team work!