As part of our SESE curriculum recently we learned about the story of milk, from farm to fork. We watched short clips of cows being milked. Ms Denieffe gave us 1st hand knowledge of milking cows on her ‘mammy and daddys farm’. There were lots of giggles to be had.

We then explored (almost) all items made primarily with milk. We tasted (with parents permission) milk, cream, cheese, ice cream and chocolate. It was very interesting to learn that some children were not aware of the dairy content in chocolate.
Some children were a little hesitant to taste the cream and cheese (whoops I forgot butter). Everyone was very excited to taste the icecream!!We got very adventurous then, we blended the icecream, milk and strawberries to make smoothies!! There was great fun, slurping and making bubbles with our smoothies and straws!!