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Scoil Naomh Laisrian 2017/18


School will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 12th Dec)

Surfaces around the school are still icy so please exercise extreme caution, don’t take any chances and don’t worry about being late. Please do not use the side gate or path, use the main gate only. Children will be brought straight to the hall once they arrive in the morning. Take care. Thank you

School Closed

Due to extremely icy conditions and unsafe surfaces around the school, we will remain closed today (Monday 11th December) Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Our super trip to see Santas Super Heroes!!

Dancing Raisins

We had great fun recently watching raisins take flight in jars when fizzy 7up was added.

We thought they would never move then, to squeals of delight they started bobbing up and down in the jars!

Our taste buds

We were exploring our sense of taste recently.

We tasted foods that were bitter, sour, salty and sweet.

Need you guess which foods were gobbled up the fastest!

Some are acquired tastes. We might try some more the next time.

A thoughtful expression!

Seasonal Art


Our theme for Art during November was Winter and the Arctic.

We added texture to our wooly hats and ice skates.

We decorated a pair of mittens to be worn during cold days. We created fluffy polar bears and waddling penguins. We learned lots of fun facts about these animals.

Did you know…?

A polar bear eats mostly seals.

A polar bear has 42 teeth!!

It can swim for 100 km without stopping

A baby polar bear is called a cub.

November prayer space

For the month of November we remembered those who have died belonging to us.

We offered up their names during our prayer service and decorated a piece of art in their memory.

Snap, Crackle and Pop!

We melted chocolate first of all, over a bowl of hot water. Then we stirred in the Rice Krispies.

Once the chocolate was all stirred in well we spooned the mixture into buncases. We all got to have a go at making our own and it was great fun.

We got to add sprinkles to them next, if we wanted to, and then we left them to harden. We all had to help tidy up when we were finished!

And finally……. we got to eat them!!! And they were REALLY nice and chocolaty.  Mmmm!

Bake Sale

The Parents Association are organising a Bake Sale on Saturday the 25th and Sunday 26th November in the Parish Centre after Mass. Anybody wishing to donate pre-packed items such as biscuits, pre-packed buns, etc can drop them into the school next week. All freshly baked items can be dropped to the parish centre on Saturday evening before 7.30pm Mass or on Sunday morning before 11 am. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

Christmas Carol Service

Our Christmas Carol Service will take place on Wednesday 13th December at 7.30pm in the Church.

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