We had tremendous fun when we were exploring the Post Office as one of our Aistear themes. We got to play in the ‘Post Office’, attach recycled stamps, pay bills, apply for passports, and of course the postman had to deliver the ‘play post’!! Lots of excitement when someone received a letter!

We then decided that we would like to send a ‘real letter’ to a ‘real person’ the ‘real way’. So we go to work.

Everyone brought in 1Euro for our stamp, we got another persons name which we kept as a good surprise until the letters arrived. We practised our little sentences, corrected our spelling mistakes and decorated our letters. We then put our letter into a ‘real envelope’, we wrote their names, our teacher helped us with the address and we licked them shut.

They were ready to be posted! We had some helpers the day of posting. 4th class helped us attach our stamps into the correct place, we didnt want them to fall off!! As it was raining and too wet to walk to the post office we used our ‘play post box’ until a sunny day came.  We didnt have to wait very long for a sunny day to come. Everybody brought their letter down the street to the post box. Some of us never posted a letter before so we were extra excited. The day had arrived!! Brendan had come with our post!! The shrieks and smiles say it all. ‘A real letter just for me’ was echoed around the room. lots of happy faces busy reading their letters from their friends. Lets hope it will encourage the children of the future to continue to use a traditional method of communication.