Ms Denieffe convinced her busy brother to come and visit her room this week and talk to the boys and girls all about life as a farmer. He even dressed up for the occasion in his ‘New’ New Holland overalls. He brought some photos with him of some jobs that happen on the farm. All the boys and girls were so excited to know about life on a farm, animals, crops, new life and of course the boys were so curious about TRACTORS!  Dean explained to them all about the different jobs that he does, cutting, baling and wrapping silage, hay and straw. He even brought some of his own toys to demonstrate to the boys and girls.

He brought small samples of hay, stray, silage, sugar beet, needless to say some of the aromas were very interesting! His last job was talking to them all about the different animals on a farm, sizes, colours and breeds.

It was a very exciting afternoon and he promised to return another time!